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  • Flaring tool broken

    Hi i have a ridgid flaring tool that is not working. It is the model before the latest ratchet handle type. As you turn the handle to pull a flare about half way through the clutch breaks free way before the flare is made and i have to put a shifter on the shaft to wind it down. Is there a spring in there that may be broken?? Any help appreciated thanks!

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    Pipey, you are describing the original design of the Ridgid Flaring tool before we incorporated the ratcheting feature. There are two components that may be worn if you are finding the clutch mechanism disengeing before the flare is complete. You mention that you have already replaced the "shifter on the shaft" but I am not clear what part(s) this represents. There is a PLUNGER/SPRING ASSEMBLY (#41510) directly under the handle and there is also a very stiff FEED SPRING (#41485) inside the yoke of your flare tool. One or both of these can contribute to the tool releasing before the flair is complete. The only other thing I would suggest is to be certain the material you are flairing is not to thick (wall) or too hard and this is the cause of the flare tool releasing. If it is standard copper tubing, this is probably not the issue but material is always something to consider. If you notice, directly under the handle, there is a component called the feedscrew. You will recognize this this part because it has two flats surfaces on each side of this component. If your material is a little harder than normal OR your springs are slightly worn, you could use an adjustable wrench on these flat surfaces to turn the flare tool and complete your flare. Keep in mind that using an adjustable wrench in this manner disables the clutch mechanism so you will have to manually stop rotating the feedscrew once the flare is complete. These are a couple of options for you to consider but if your tool has provided serveral good years of use, I would investigate the springs replacements mentioned above.....Ridgid Technical Serivce.