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Rigid 300 inconsistent

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  • Rigid 300 inconsistent

    Hi guys, I'm having a really wierd problem with my machine. The dyes and even the dye head is brand new, but my threads aren't consistent at all. It seems like it's the worst when I'm threading 1 inch. It'll jump from being perfect to too shallow or deep within a thread. Any ideas?

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    Are the allen screw stop blocks tightend down a d properly adjusted? Good oil and pipe?

    phoebe it is


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      I have the same problem with some of my die heads also. even after cleaning replacing dies,resetting, still happens


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        I had a problem with the "throw-out lever" on the die head that you set the pipe diameter with... moving while cutting thread. I didn't know when it was happening but after cutting, reaming & threading several pieces the die head would be set on a different size pipe (usually smaller) so I tighten it as hard as I can and keep an eye on it the whole time I'm using the 300.
        "too shallow" "too deep" is exactly what was happening to me so maybe this will help. The difference was slight (only 1/8" of movement from where it was set) but just enough to cut too shallow.


        • Mightyservant
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          One of 2 things could be the problem. The most common is that it's stripped and no longer able to remain tight. The other and less common (unless you are new to the machine) is that the lever is not tight enough.

          If you suspect the latter is the problem then do thus,

          Cut a 3/4" x 1'-0" section of pipe, smooth and ream the ends. This is now a cheater pipe.

          Set the dies where you want them.

          Using the pipe, insert one end onto the lever and tighten to about 15 pounds of force on the end of the section of the cheater pipe.

          This should be enough torque to keep the lever in place.

          DO NOT OVER TORQUE! The lever strips out pretty easily!

        • ElijahGray
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          Sound advice, thanks! I was tightening by hand to what I thought was enough torque but haven't had a problem since I went a little further. This machine has been "to hell and back" from both use and misuse in the past but still going strong.