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Ridgid 1224 pipe threader

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  • Ridgid 1224 pipe threader

    use the ridgid 1224 pipe threader to put threads on 1" sch 40 310 grade stainless. The jaws dig into the tube leaving indentations in the pipe wall

    any suggestions as to how to eliminate/minimise these marks?

    any help/advice greatly appreciated

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    The jaw marks that are left on the pipe are unavoidable. The only remedy is to smooth or polish them out which could be a problem with some coatings. We generally don't address the marks unless the customer demands it and is willing to cover additional work to make it acceptable to them.

    As the jaws wear down or load the teeth with pipe coatings from use, the grip is reduced which can lead to badly marred pipe. This is particularly true for galvanized, plastic coated, brass pipe therefore it's a good idea to clear our the machines jaws to maintain a good grip on the pipe.

    Then above picture is ideal and the goal is to achieve no worse than that. You can reduce the roughness of the marks by using emery cloth to smooth them out. We occasionally work in pharmaceutical plant where we have to use stainless pipe, fittings and fasteners. We use flap wheels, buffing wheels, polish sticks to get the metal bright. Even with the right gear, it's work to get it polished up.
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      The only way that i can see doing it mar free is with a different machine. Such as a 700 where the die head rotates and the pipe is secured in a vise with smooth jaws.

      Or on a cnc lathe, but that is going to get expensive to have a machine shop cut the threads.

      phoebe it is