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    Do these forums have a classifieds section? I'm looking for some parts for a ridgid 1215 threader. I'd like the 1203 stand and or base.

    Also, on a side note. I recently bought the 1215 from my old boss and have been fixing her up. I'm doing some apartments with 24 gas lines in them that its going to take on. $400 for the threader with 2 die heads (811a). It needs a pin for the reamer cone. It currently is secured by a bunch of nails. Also I'm waiting on some parts from plumberscrib for the cutter.

    He (the old boss) had the brushes redone about 2 years ago on the main drive motor. Shortly after that he replaced the dies after we started having some trouble with thread ripping and inconsistent threads. The oil pump stopped working. We never could get it right again so he retired it and bought a new rothberg 1/2"-2" pipe threader.

    It seems that the oil pump looses its prime if you let the oil level get below the filter in the oil pan. I had to get a bottle and fill it with oil, and 'inject' some oil into the line to get it to start pumping. After that its fine until you let the oil level get below the filter. If you let it get below that filter then the filter body will fill up with air. It keeps that little pocket of air in there like an air trap and keeps the oil pump from getting any oil. I think we used a squirt bottle to lube the dies for 6 months before he retired the 1215 because he couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.

    It seems the thread ripping and inconsistent thread problem was simply the oil. We had been running nu-clear oil through it for the last little bit and we were lucky if we got one house done without any leaks. Apparently thats for manual/hand threading and not high speed applications! As soon as I swapped out the nu-clear for dark oil all my problems went away!

    The only complaint I have about this threader is that its filthy. The drip tray doesn't catch much. I just cut a piece of metal 11"x8" with some deep cross folds to catch all that extra crap that ends up on my tailgate.

    I'd like to upgrade to an automatic die head too. Do they make one that will fit the 1215?
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    BL, I'm new to the forum my self. It would be nice to have a for sale section for parts especially obsoleted hard to find ones.

    Threaders are probably one of the most abused pieces of equipment on a job site. Even with it needing a few things you got a good deal on a threader that should outlast you and your children. Do a complete tear down and get a parts list going.

    As far as the die head I prefer the 816/817 semi automatic. You set each pipe size individually once and never mess with adjustment again. The 815 auto you still have to adjust each time you thread a different size, all it does is disengage the dies for you.


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      We have about 40 300 machines and a few 535s and a 1224 that stay in the shop. We also have some high speed threaders as well. We use mostly a clear oil that comes in drums from LA and it's perfect for the high speed machines but not as well for the Ridgids. It less expensive but we also have to have it for the high speed machines. For simplicity we started using it for all our threading. We do however get an occasional bad thread although it's sometimes can be attributed to an inferior run of pipe. We use expensive sealants which helps mitigate this.

      The 300?s while quite heavy is very portable with some clever planning and knowing how to set them up so you don?t squirt a hemorrhoid. Parts are widely available for the 300 and after market accessories can make your threading a more pleasant experience.

      Dark oils will work best for quality threads but good quality pipe is a big factor as well. All but 1 or 2 die heads are 811 for simplicity and ease of use. We take them apart and clean them from time to time with charcoal lighter fluid, tooth brush and rags. It's not unusual to change sizes, dies, dies sizes or replace parts throughout the day especially on a service truck, the 811 seems best suited for this in our trade.
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        I like the oil funnel with back splash lid. And the v notch on the tool tray would be nice when measuring short nipples. Who makes them?


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          We get them from but you should be able to get them through Ferguson fire equipment and fabrication, HD fire sprinkler supply, or just about any supply house dedicated to fire sprinkler supplies.

          Be sure to peruse some of there tools. Even though they are trade specific, sometimes they work well for other similar types of work..

          I have no connection to them other than being customer.
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