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    Has anyone seen a 1233 sold in the US? I've seen them advertised on the European website but nothing offered in the states from what I'm seeing. I have a 3" job coming up with around 1200' and the 141 is going to kill us in production. If I cant get one I guess I will step up to a 1224 but sure would like the smaller version.

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    I don't why I didn't think of this before and I have to apologize to a few members that were looking for advice. Our industry specializes in fabricating all pipe before it gets installed in the building projects we do. Even for tenant improvement work we will prefabricate all our pipe except for the drops to the fire sprinklers although some of even will order those out from the shop. Pipe tends to fit 95% of the time the other 5% is either a measuring error by the fitter or shop error in the fabrication.

    With my own home I designed on CAD my domestic hot and cold water copper pipe system and prefabricated all the pipe sweating a fitting on one end then bringing the pipe into the crawls space where I'd float the pipe up on preset hangers and joined the pipe whenever I had time to. I had a few hiccups but it went well for the most part.

    We have a shop that can fabricate just about all things pipe from 1/8" to 8" threaded. Welded we stop at 10" and grooved 12". We don't usually fabricate pipe for other contractors although we can. We do however fabricate pipe for a few elevator contractors and for some government agencies.

    In our town there are 2 shops that will fabricate pipe for anyone, it's all they do. This is a business that driven by smaller contractors who don't have the space for a large shop or don't want the headache of running a fab shop which is a whole separate mafia in our shop.

    Houston is a large enough city that it is highly likely there are fabrication shops that will make whatever you need. You take them a fabrication list and they give you the finished product. It might be worth it for just a few peices rather that going out and buying a rarely used machine.


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      Mighty thanks for the advice. Good idea to start fabricating for other contractors I will keep that in mind.
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    If you decide that is something that interests you, I recommend that you immerse yourself in that craft. Even though it's relatively obscure there is a fair amount of skill involved to create good threads consistently. We are sort in a niche trade and although press systems have been tried they haven't managed to be a suitable alternative to threading. Grooved pipe is used quite a bit in our trade but most of our work is threaded and most well constructed durable systems are threaded. Grooves go bad over time but they are less expensive to fabricate and install.

    It might be different is your craft so you'll have to figure it out. Versatility is key.

    HD Fire and Fabrication i believe has a Houston office, they can produce all sorts of custom pipe lengths; threaded, welded, grooved, buffed, sweat. I'm guessing there are a couple of smaller shops that will do the same and I'll bet any local fire sprinkler contractor will fab up whatever you need.