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535 manual chuck threader vibration

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  • 535 manual chuck threader vibration

    I have a 535 threader that has started vibrating when threading pipe. It vibrates before the machine starts to thread. Once the dies make contact with the piece being threaded the vibration stops. It has also started leaking cutting fluid at the back of the machine under the oil tray. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Even new a 535 has a fair amount of vibration and our own 535's behave just as you describe. The vibration can sometimes be reduced by pulling the cover and giving the zerk fittings a couple of squirts of lithium grease. Replacing the bearings will help but be forewarned, it will be a little bit quieter and vibrate a little less. We are sort of used to it and for us the noise is an acceptable result of threading process. Always lubricate the zerk fittings after hard use.

    It's very difficult to track down leaks on a 535 since they are sort of by nature oily and messy beasts. Check for a loose drain plug, they are the usually the culprit. The carriage has a number of plugs and seals to check as well with the seals on the carriage needing replaceing after several years of service.

    Dry the machine off thouroughly at the end of the day and in the morning check to see what shows up. Good luck !
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      Did Mightyservant answer your questions about the vibration of the 535? What about the leaking oil? Can you provide the serial number of your 535? I also sent you a private message. If you would like to talk instead of messaging back and forth please call the RIDGID technical service department at 1-800-519-3456.