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316 SS pipe

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  • 316 SS pipe

    First time installing 316 SS 1" pipe. Looking for the right cutting oil and thread sealant.

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    Expect problems. Even if you have a great deal of experience, threading stainless is challenging. i would not attempt it with anything other than genuine Ridgid equipment and dies. Search the Ridgid site for dies and oil specific to your equipment, that's the easy part.

    When you threading stainless the surface on the pipe should be free of dirt and dies should be cleaned off with a wire brush after each thread is made. To assemble the pipe use a thin coat of sealant followed by 3 wraps of Teflon tape followed by a coat of anti seize paste. Don't skip the last part or you'll regret it stainless threads will seize up and destroy fittings.

    If your not doing a lot o threading consider hiring a plumbing or fire sprinkler shop to thread the ss pipe. If you can use brass, I would recommend using it instead. Brass while expensive is way more forgiving.