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Pipe cutter lubricating oil

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  • Pipe cutter lubricating oil

    I purchased a Ridgid pipe cutter and I can?t figure out how to oil it. The manual says "Always ensure that the feed screw, slide, rollers and cutter wheels are well lubricated using a suitable lubricating oil". What kind of "proper" oil should it be, what are the requirements for it? The presence of extreme pressure additives? Solid lubricant additives? Or is it just enough any industrial oil?

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    just any machine oil will do, (don't know about Ridgid), but for the most part I use motor oil,
    probably a non detergent oil of 20 to 30 wt, would be ideal, heaver for the screw would probably be better than a light oil like "three in one oil". the big thing is to lubricate it, two things reduces wear, and helps resist corrosion. even a spray of wd 40 before storage, would be a good idea,
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      To be honest, plumbers pipe cutters are usually soaked in cutting oil from normal use. If you use it on a regular basis you don't need much more than that.

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