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Cordless Pipe Threading Tool - Who makes one?

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  • Cordless Pipe Threading Tool - Who makes one?

    Milwaukee is the only one I've seen. Threads up to 2" IP, Stainless, and rigid conduit.

    Where is the industry leader in pipe fabrication tools (aka Emerson RIDGID) on this?

    Have they determined that this is a niche market and they are not going to play?

    If they choose to bring something out they should use the same batteries as the TTI
    cordless tools. That will increase sales opportunities with those already invested in the
    RIDGID cordless tool line marketed by TTI under the RIDGID name.

    I can think of so many times on jobs in the past where I would have loved to have the
    capability to cut threads in place quickly. There are places I've worked that are so hot
    you don't want to hang around any longer than you have to.
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    Ridgid actually had a working prototype of a cordless 700 pipe threader over 10 years ago. I actually got to try it out at the first roundup. Back then batteries were not like they are today. Personally I still don't see a need for a cordless pipe threader. But then again I don't thread a ton of pipe anymore. And I did hold the world record for cutting , reaming and threading 1'' black steel pipe by hand in 62 seconds.

    I've seen the milwaukee unit and my supply house has 1 in stock and has sold 1. Still not sold on the need for 1.

    Of course i now own a cordless 9'' Dewalt cut off saw i use for cutting concrete and steel. I know it's limits and it's set up for wet cutting. Does a great job on cast iron pipe and concrete and even clay pipe. Being made for wet cuts it keeps the dust down and doesn't run the saw.

    phoebe it is