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Wiring diagram for older ridgid 300 switch

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  • Wiring diagram for older ridgid 300 switch

    Have an older 300 machine without plug-in motor connector and without foot switch. I was replacing fwd/reverse switch and motor and cannot figure out which wire goes where... Does anyone have a wiring diagram? or instructions?

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    Have you tried any of these?

    1. Searched the web yourself looking for the manual or a wiring diagram. It's pretty easy using Google,
    I found this in a couple minutes. Probably not what you need, but it has wiring diagrams of newer
    300 drives and maybe that will help.

    2. Searched the RIDGID forum for previous threads about this machine.
    3. Maybe talk to an electrician buddy and get them to help sort it out with you.
    4. Call RIDGID support and see if they have a schematic.

    How old is 'older'. I used an old 300 Drive 40 years ago that was at least 20 years old then and it had no footswitch, only the FWD-OFF-REV switch on the drive itself. But I remember the shop I worked in also had two other 300 drives and they both had footswitch, so I am guessing they came into being somewhere in the early 80s, maybe late 70s. A photo of the data plate would help or something with a date or serial number. Your description is too vague for me to be able to find any pertinent information.

    Did you not snap a photo of the wiring BEFORE you disconnected everything. If not save that tip for next time. It's so quick and easy I do it all the time, even when I 'know' how it came apart. I don't leave it to chance or my poor memory, I grab a quick snapshot or two with the phone, and re-arrange wires if I have to so it's clear to see what connects to what. Works well if you get into a nest of tubing or hoses too.
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