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  • A hard one from downunder

    Guys Good Evening(Australian time that is). One for the old guys here. Now I know that many of the great inventions have disappeared for reasons mainly OHS and some other but I dont care. Has anyone heard of a product used for soldering. I believe it to be a gel type substance. What it does is it stops the solder running everywhere. To use an analogy, it is like the masking tape that we put on the glass window before we paint the frame. I have never used this but are vaguely aware that it was around "a long time ago". If anyone has any idea or suggestions please, step up and educate your brother from downunder. You guys in the states are so spoilt compared to us with what is available to you and we dont always get to share. Thanks for your help.

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    What type of soldering; pipe, or seams/sheets, or electronics?
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      Bob thanks for piping in. It is brass strips/frames andwe need to keep it as small as possible without ugly solder running everywhere. BTW someone mentioned Plumber Rick is not as active, anyideas here...???

    • Bob D.
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      Not to worry, Rick is alive and well. I've spoken to him recently. He''s just been busy with life outside the forum. Yes, his wisdom is missed but he is still around and checks in now and then.

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    I can't say I've ever heard of anything like that. You are not referring to the fittings that have a solder ring inside them so when you solder you don't use solder from a reel but just heat the fitting until the internal solder melts? That probably wont go everywhere due to the solder being internal and a metered amount.

    Rick might likely know the answer but he is not on much anymore


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      I think what your looking for is called " STOP FLOW ANTI FLUX " .

      Here's a small bottle they sell on e-bay

      Click image for larger version

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