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Wanting to get a reamer, need some experienced advice.

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  • Wanting to get a reamer, need some experienced advice.

    I totally missed that Ridgid had a forum but I’ve literally spent all day searching the internet to see which reamer I should purchase. First my project is I’m plumbing my office, well converting it into a workspace, my airbrush studio per se. I got a newer quiet compressor and plan to put it in the attic with sound proofing. I am running pipe maybe about 20’ of 1/2” pipe and into 1/4” in the walls (needed to redo the drywall anyways). I recently got a great Ridgid cutter, manual threader, and pipe vise stand but the cheap reamer I had was useless and don’t want to file every time for what little I do have to deburr. Long story short, I love my Ridgid products and love getting new tools so I’m sold on getting a reamer. I just don’t know if I should get the the Rigid 2 straight pipe reamer or the 2-S spiral pipe reamer. The spiral looks like it will be quicker, but the straight reamer looks like I could sharpen it if needed. This is a smaller project now, but have a lot more planned in the future especially my garage. I just look at it as a lifetime/long term investment, all of my Ridgid tools still run perfectly after many years of use. Just completely stumped on which one to get, if one would be better than the other for me. Not worried about the cost, I have gift cards I need to use soon before they expire. Thanks for any insight!

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    I prefer the 2-S as it is quick and easy. But, as you are working with 1/4", you will need to get the 2-straight.


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      You are threading 1/4" pipe? Why not stay with 1/2" and reduce at your outlets. If you go that route, it's the 2-S.
      You'd have to ream a whole lot of pipe before you'd need to sharper. I've got reamers over 30 years old that still
      give a clean ream.