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Identification of old 300s

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  • Bob D.
    commented on 's reply
    On behalf of everyone here on the Forum thanks for your help with this.

    These are the kind of questions that are near impossible for most anyone on the Forum to answer except you.

    No doubt they could call Tech Support and eventually get an answer once they got to talk to someone but how long would that take?

  • Max Power
    The 3158 motor tells us it was built between 1958 and 1977. The serial number tells us it was between 1958 and 1970 ish. If your machine has the original motor still and none of the gearing was changed your motor is the 38rpm motor. Hope this helps.

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    What size pipe is your main concern. Small pipe faster rpm.

    Only drawback with slow speed is slower production.

    Too fast and you burn the dies and produce power results especially with the lousy pipe we have now.


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  • Lee's Plumbing
    started a topic Identification of old 300s

    Identification of old 300s

    Im looking for a little help identifying the Ridgid 300 I have that was handed down from my father. I contacted the extremely helpful people on Ridge's tech support line. they informed me that the machine is more than 5 years old, and that they cannot help identify a machine that old. SMH.

    Anyway, I was hoping someone can help me identify the RPM's on my machine. I pulled the model # and serial # from the rating tag.
    Model # 3158
    Serial # 788870.

    Im thinking that the machine was manufactured in 1978?

    This machine has paid for itself probably 40+ years ago. Crapped out on me 2 months ago . Took it into the repair center in our area- they still haven't gotten around to looking at it.
    I have a few gas piping jobs coming up, and think I will be better served buying a new machine. Only problem is, I want to make sure I am buying a machine with the same RPM's I'm guessing that my machine ran at 38 RPM's, but want to make sure.