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Propress Fittings with PEX Tubing

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  • Propress Fittings with PEX Tubing

    Has anyone used Propress fittings with PEX tubing? We like the fact of only having to inventory one system of fittings (ProPress), but we use PEX tubing for drinking water / high purity applications and don't like to inventory two systems of fittings. Has Ridgid or Viega done any testing on with PEX?
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    they make jaws on the 100-b compact that works with the viega pure flow pex tubing. the jaws work with the pex fittings. copper viega fittings don't work on pex. these jaws come in 3/8'', 1/2'', 3/4'', and 1''.

    there is a watts shark bite fitting that will work with pex, copper and cpvc. 1/2'' and 3/4''.

    phoebe it is


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      We've used 1/2" copper Viega fittings with out 1/2" PEX tubing in a test setting and it worked great. Is there any reason why you say it doesnt work? I would love to hear from a Ridgid associate.
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        I'm always apprehensive using any kind of "Quick Release" or "Shark Bite" style of fittins behind walls. Propress system seems a lot more positive. any thoughts?
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          Plumber Rick is correct. ProPress fittings can not be used on PEX tubing. Viega does have a Pureflow PEX tubing system that uses PEX fittings - and RIDGID does offer different compact series pressing jaws that can be used on that system - but both the fittings and jaws are unique to the Pureflow system.

          Hope this helps,
          Rick H


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            Propress and PEX-they do work together.

            We used propress to connect copper to Wierzbo Pex to make an emergency temporary repair to a water service line. We later cut out these fittings when the permanent repair was made and were amazed at what a solid connection it was. I know that propress is not approved for Pex but we have used it several times to connect copper to pex with absolutely no leaks.