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  • Propress Leaks

    We recently piped a hot water (heating Job) using propress. I should note that we own 3 propress tools (1battery and two cord) and have propressed every size from 1/2" -4". We have been propressing for about 4 years and no one has EVER had a leak on a propress fitting--until now. Every one of our fitters likes propress.

    The job we just completed had 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 and 2 " propress fittings.
    After finishing the piping we air tested at 100 psi with air. To our suprise we had a lot of leaks on the 2" propress fittings.

    This is very disturbing. I will mention that the copper tubing supplied to us was all American with the exeption of the 2" tubing that was made in Great Britian. We cut out the leaks and made the repairs with soldered fittings (our feeling was that if there was some kind of compatability issue why propress it again and risk leaks and wasted fittings) We left the system with pressure over this weekend and will check it tommorrow. It seems to hold pressure now and so far the only leaks on propress have been the 2".

    I have saved the old leaking fittings and pipe and would like to have someone inspect this if possible. We did notice that some of the 2" tubing was slightly out of round but had no problem installing the fittings.

    I plan to mic the tubing to check the size and talk with our supplier about this as the same supplier provided the propress fittings and tubing. I have yet to inspect the fittings and tubing but will be doing this as well. I believe all these joints were pressed with the battery tool.

    We need to have someone follow through on this as this job will probably be all propress but this issue needs to be resolved. I will probably call tech support tommorrrow.


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    welcome to the site , i do not use this system but I'm interested in it maybe some day we may start using it .

    keep us informed on what you fined out .


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      eddie, i have 4 machines and 2 sets of xl jaws. it is 1 of 2 things. you mentioned that the 2'' copper was made in great brittan. you also mentioned that the 2'' was pressed with the cordless #320 machine.

      i'm not too sure if the copper from brittan has an american size of 2.125'' od. typically they work in metric which would be approx. 50mm. slightly smaller than 2.125'' 2.125'' = 51.117mm.

      the other issue would be the jaws on the 320 being dirty or worn. you should have been able to recrimp the leaking fittings with the other corded machines or different jaws. this would have fixed the possible jaw issue.

      so my opinion has to do with the british copper.

      pay back time for the spilt tea

      let me know if that's correct. what does the tubing have stamped on the wall, and what type is it m,l,k.

      ps. propress is not recommended for soft copper over 1.25''

      i've only had 1 issue with a machine. it was a 2'' press and the roller broke in the housing. that's the reason why i have 2 with me on a 1 shot planed shut down.

      ridgid replaced the whole front of the machine, just like new

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      phoebe it is


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        We repressed a few of the joints with the cord machine. This didnt help. They were originally pressed with the battery machine. I will follow up on this when it gets resolved. The copper was marked type L. We only had 1 other issue with Propress. When our battery machine was 1 month old it went up in smoke. We sent it back and it was repaired pretty quickly. One of our guys was 50 miles from the shop without another machine had already cut into a pipe and had water leaking by a valve (not much as luck would have it). Good thing our other machine was at the shop and someone ran it out to him. He had his finger in the dike.

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          I am forwarding this to our Pressing Tool product manager.



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            Hi Ed,

            At first glance it does sound like the 2" tubing could have something to do with the problems you encountered, but we'll need to do some further investigation before we can be certain. Please do call in to Tech Service and ask for Jeff. He will get more information from you and if possible ask that you supply us with the jaw, some of the pressed fittings that you cut out, as well as some of the tubing. We'll do a full inspection on each component and get back to you within a few days. We appreciate your commitment to the ProPress system and will work with you to get to get to the bottom of this issue as quickly as possible.

            Rick H


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              I actually called tech support today and talked with Jeff and we talked about shipping the defective fittings?? to Ridgid. Our pipe and fitting supplier called in the local Viega rep. He is going to take our battery propress tool, pipe and fittings and have them tested and will pick them up at our shop this friday 3/17. Hopefully we will get a definative answer soon.

              Thanks for the help. I will post again when this is resolved.



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                waiting for the outcome

                any answers on the leaking fittings?

                very curious what you found out.

                phoebe it is


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                  I'll start off by introducing myself. I am Jeff in the Technical Service Department at Ridge Tool Company. I am the Jeff that has been referred to previously.

                  I do not want to get into all the details at this time because of an unfinished report, but will give some updates. The tool, jaws, fittings, pipe are still in the process of inspection. We have inspected the tool and jaws and have forwarded the fittings and tube over to Viega for further evaluation. Once they get an opportunity to complete their investigation of the fittings/tube we will converse and reply back to the end user with our findings. I have contacted the end user and have kept them informed as to where this investigation is at. Thank you all.



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                    The reports are in and it has been found that the tube had some issues that contributed to the leaks. The tube was found to have a lap joint, a large seam and some scratches on the tube. The tools and fittings have been checkedand they have made/been crimped to the proper allowable tolerances.



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                      As Jeff mentioned in the above post, the battery propress tool was sent back to Ridgid and the calibration and jaws checked and found to be ok. The tubing and fittings were checked by Viega.

                      There were several leaks. One of the leaks was caused by scratches in the tubing of the type caused by dragging the tubing on a concrete floor. The other leaks were caused by a larger than normal seam which caused a bump in the tubing that the propress couldn't seal and the leaks were caused by this "laped seam" per Viega.

                      We are presently continuing with this large job and have a lot of tubing which we are propressing 3/4" up to 3" and have every confidence that this issue has been resolved.

                      I would like to thank Ridgid and Viega for addressing this issue and resolving it promptly.

                      When we ordered the last batch of tubing from our supplier we specified "american tubing" but the whole order showed up with the "Great Britain " tubing. We refused delivery and sent it back without unloading it from the truck.

                      Wh0 knows if we just had a bad few sticks of tubing or what?? But we decided not to take a chance. We did measure the 2" tubing ad it was 2 1/8" OD and carried the standard ASTM numbers and Type L tubing markings.



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                        Re: Propress Leaks

                        Make a habit to check actual "O-ring" is inside the fitting before you install.
                        also REAM that pipe.