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  • K-1500 sectional

    Anyone pulled one out lately? That is my job today. Our administration building has a yearly backup in the sewer drain and the only way to reach it is with the "Big Snake". I put down 8 sections I think and brought back a two foot long root ball, but didn't open the line So a bit of lunch and back at it.
    Take care, DaveVB
    God Bless You Super Good!!!

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    it's all in the proper cutter and running the full distance.

    the k-1500 is as big as it gets. try a cutter approx. 1/2'' smaller than the pipe and run the full distance. use water to flush and test while snaking. you'll be done before dinner

    phoebe it is


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      I had hoped to be done last night. Put 9 sections down and couldn't reach it . So have to wait on some borrowed sections this morning. Meanwhile the whole office building bathrooms are shut down We also didn't have a good cutter head, just a grease trap head. The borrowee? has a better set. Hope to get done soon this morning. Take care, DaveVB
      God Bless You Super Good!!!


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        I use it all the time.

        Like Rick says,rod all the way to the sewer main with the biggest cutter you can fit.

        Dont forget the K 1500 accesory, the shovel. Dig up a proper access point an youre half way there.



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          Well, we got it. Had to call in more sections but it was just the different head we put on it that broke through the roots. Now I have to order some parts for our machine, so we are ready next time. Also see about cutting down a tree, or digging a 15' hole to replace the root infested pipe. Take care and God Bless You super good!!!!
          God Bless You Super Good!!!