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  • Sea snake query

    I have had a sea snake plus for 8 weeks and I am still learning the tricks with it after watching the how to videos.
    I am having the same trouble with my camera as my K1500 getting around square junctions any ideas.

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    These videos are old but I think they should cover what you are asking perfectly.

    From the product selection select SeeSnake Tip #1 (string trick) and #2 (tight turn)

    I would recomend using the Windows Media versions at ISDN level if you have broadband.



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      greg, still not sure what a square junction is

      is a right angle with no sweep?

      is it square pipe?

      how far down the line is the problem you're having?

      i have used a string, also known as mason line, tied to the end of the camera at the spring leader to help turn the front of the camera around the bend. as you push the camera down the pipe, you allow the string to drag in too. once you hit the tuff spot, you pull thestring tight to allow the camera head to turn. you might have to rotate the camera cable to line up the direction of the camera head. typically if the camera gets past the turn, the cable will follow. also use plenty of water to help cut the friction on the pipe. you can always videotape the line as you pull back if the water flow is too heavy. make sure to pull the string back at the same pace of the camera so it doesn't hang up in the pipe. use lite string approx. 90# test so it can break if snagged.

      please post a photo or drawing of that square fitting/junction.

      phoebe it is


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        Attention Rick/Josh

        Square junction with no sweep.
        I had a look at the videos I think they are the same as the ones I have
        It is mainly when I am over say 15-20 metres down that I cant generate a enough force to get around the bend.
        Short distances no worries.


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          Are drain rods redundant now ?. Has everyone gone for more modern methods ?. I appreciate the use of cameras in certain situations, but having undertaken my fair share of unblocking drains, I would use rods as possibly the easiest route first. Clay pipes (if you have these in the USA), will be subject to ground movement and probably will have sumps in them.
          The building regulations here, insist that for every change of direction of soil pipe, a man hole or access chamber should be installed.