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truck vs vans?

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    you can also get one in the freightliner flavor


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      Originally posted by bigPipe09 View Post
      I think these are the best vehicles for service vans. They get excellent gas mileage, and are designed by mercedes benz...a person 6 feet tall has no problem standing in one. Also i think they look pretty slick....

      I wasn't impressed The steering wheel position sucks, its like driving a bus! Traction and handling are mediocre at best. The fuel economy is good but the power was a little lacking. They do look snazzy tho. Maybe I'm just old school but I was glad to get my Ford/E250/triton V8 back!
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        i did look at the sprinter very good van but the price is way over priced for what it is. my ambulace looks and runs great if could knew how to post pics i would show it to all, i have seen older ones with more KM and are very rough and i did look for some time before i found this one.

        fastplumber out


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          RiR, no way would an suv work for me. I cary about 1,500 pounds of tools and gear everyday. The welding machine alone is about 700, not to mention the gang box full of tools. I think my next truck is going to be an International medium duty, with a 20' utility box. If I could find an old power company truck with 4x4(and a bucket) I would be all set.


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            Hi There Tozzi, I wasn't thinking of an SUV as such, but the original model Land-Rover,(the one that dates back to 1948). I thought you had it in the USA as well, as LR-Defender. The 110" carries over a ton. If you're so inclined, you can plow with it, use it as an earth truck, scratches on the paint aren't really an issue, however it's probably underpowered by American standards. By the way, what makes of welding equipment do you use in the USA? Over here, Kemppi is the choice as long as price isn't the deciding issue. Migatronic, & ESAB, being close seconds. We're talking TIG, which I beleive you mentioned was your "persuasion of choice" as well.


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              for MIG welders
              esab - yellow
              miller - blue
              lincoln - red
              linde - green
              hobart - white

              most TIG and SMAW are lincoln

              our land rover defenders are little more than luxury toys


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                I use Miller welding equipment, and have ESAB oxy fuel torches. Check out and look at the Dynasty 200DX. You will want one for sure. In the truck now I have a Miller Trailblazer 301G with all the bells and whistles, suitcase wire feeder, TIG box, remote, etc..... If I get more heavy pipe work I will get an old Lincoln SA-200.


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                  Originally posted by RiR View Post
                  Hi There Tozzi, I wasn't thinking of an SUV as such, but the original model Land-Rover,(the one that dates back to 1948). I thought you had it in the USA as well, as LR-Defender. The 110" carries over a ton.
                  We don't get Defenders over here any more, and used ones go for outrageous prices. The 90 stopped about 5-6 years ago, but the 110 probably hasn't been here in a dozen or more. We just get the Range Rover and the new LR2, which the rest of the world calls Discovery. We used to get the Disco, but apparently the negative conotation of the disco era, combined with tying it to the Range Rover, cause the name change in North America.

                  I almost had a type III about 25 years ago, but the guy sold it while I was driving the two hours to go get it...


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                    I love my Chevy Express extended 2500. It fits in my Garage at home, it fits down a tree infested driveway, all my stuff is inside out of sight and dry. Weighs 8000 lbs fully loaded and rides great at 12 mpg. Sorry, but pick ups look messy and Sprinter are top heavy and narrow to boot. Cubes are.....well kinda boxey, no style. Trailers in Fl get stolen and stripped too often.


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                      I've heard good things about Chevy Express Vans too...
                      I've got a Dodge full size, but I don't like the narrow opening rear doors!


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                        My E350 Ford van has a utility body which is 6" wider and 8" higher than a normal van. I get the best of both worlds in that it is the size of a regular van but I have all the compartments on the sides of the body. The back doors are still over 4' wide.

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                          The thing that bothers me about Dodge is that the seats are wwaayy back in the cargo area. You look and you will see that when you look in the drivers window, he is back behind the window opening. I like the fact that with a van you don't have to stand outside, like a utility body. I see guys walking from one side to the other looking for whatever in the side boxes, no fun in the rain. And it rains alot here in FL. To each his own, trucks are fun no matter what.


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                            Not to mention I got the short wheelbase!!! :>


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                              my truck

                              I just bought a ford f-650. cat c-7 with allison 6 speed auto. air suspension , air brakes, air ride seats. aluminum wheels. knapheide 14' kuv canopy bed. painted bright red. It is by far the nicest truck i have ever owned. When i get back to a camera i'll post up some pics. it is a beaut.



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                                I went round and round looking for a new truck/van for the last 2 months. I finally found a sweet deal! its a 97 3500 Chevy/dually/turbo diesel/big enclosed Stahl utility box....with only 45000 miles! all for $9800. It was a municipality truck lightly used, and in excelent condition. I thought it might be too much, but that friggin diesel is a STRONG! I'm real glad I went with the beast!

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