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  • K-7500

    How many sewers should my K-7500 do before it starts costing me money every day? Yes, I have to work on this thing once a day just to keep it going. Am I just over working it? Is this a home owner tool too? It runs at least 4 hours a day It`s on it`s 2nd cable so that tells ya how new it is but it`s falling apart every where else. The motor sounds like a cop car or fire truck and the drum bangs back n forth. I replace the power feed bearings about every 2 to 3 months....geeezzzzz Am I over working this thing? Before you ask "YES " I take very good care of it as I do all my tool`s that make me money! I wash it, oil it and so on every day. Ok, some times every other day but you get my point. Other then that I love it
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    the k-7500 is my daily machine. other than a couple of feed bearings and cables, it's been free of problems. i have done a few modifications to keep it running new. i put a custom made bushing inside of the feed assy to cut out any cable wear on the housing. also a custom guide spring and skid pads. other than that no carbon brushes in the motor have been replaced. this is going on 4 years now. i do grease the drum bearings and oil the cables.

    even the k-750 what i used to use was never a real issue. i have a couple of spare machines that are new and have yet to come out of the box. also a project k-750 that is still in the works

    great machines and i love the k-50 and k-60 too.

    the k-40 you can give back to the ridgid rocket scientist

    phoebe it is


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      Dont get me wrong, I love the machine but it seem`s to love my $$$$$.
      Best machine I have ever used but the repair cost is also more then any other machine I`v ever used.
      I`d be lost with out