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Manually threading Scotchkote pipe

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  • Manually threading Scotchkote pipe

    Need some help from you experts out there. I need to thread a piece of 1¼” Scotchkoted pipe below grade. The problem is the Rigid die head I’m using (12-R) will not fit over the pipe. The thread die has a stamp on it saying it’s an 1¼” but it doesn’t seem to allow the pipe to fit through the guide portion of the die. Any ideas ?

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    you need to scrape or burn off the coating for about 4''. this will allow the follower/ guide to ride on the pipe.

    in an electric bench top machine it's not necessary to do this. there is also a die head that allows for plastic coated pipe too. a buddy of mine took a set of dies to a local machine shop and had the die head reamed out to allow for scotchkote pipe. he painted the whole set green to i.d. them for scotchkote/ fletcher kote pipe.

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks for the reply and suggestions Rick. I like the idea of having an extra set of die heads just for the scotchkoted pipe.