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    Originally posted by Norcal1 View Post
    I was hoping that Santa was going to bring me ALL of Plumber Rick's tools!

    Okay, well at least one of his K-50's...
    norcal, the day i is the day mrs. seat down will sell off the farm

    i do own 3 of the k-50's and 1-k60. i am looking for another k-60.

    the k-60 has done more problem jobs than you could think of. it is light enough to carry up the ladder to the roof and snake out the 2'' to 4'' vent stack out to the root infested main. this has been my real specialty when other companies fail, or won't pull a toilet or go on the roof.

    i tend to get the real sh*t calls and come out smelling like a rose

    keep you eyes out on ebay. every now and then a new one can be found. stay far far away from the k-40

    phoebe it is


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      Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
      Where would you put them all?
      I hear he has warehouses in three states to house all his tools.
      not 3 states, just 3 addresses

      still trying to properly parallel park my truck and make sure the back end is perpendicular to the curb

      mark has mastered this one. joshes dad, you and i along with at least 54 others are still trying

      happy holidays and new years to all

      rick and joey aka mrs. seat down
      phoebe it is


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        I guess I accomplished two things when I turned you on to sectional machines. First and foremost I created a sectional machine monster. Secondly and less important I created a formidable opponent on eBay. However, I've been pushing sectional machines on the West Coast for 30-years so I am proud to include you in the sectional club.

        "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

        I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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          Make that 3 things. You added to my inheritance

          phoebe it is