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The range of work that you undertake ?

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  • The range of work that you undertake ?

    It would seem that in this day and age, there are wet plumbers, drainage (plumbers), heating engineers, and lead workers.
    I am uk based and assumed that a plumber undertook all of these roles.
    The red tape in the uk at this time is horrendous, and is getting far worse.
    It is money orientated, this much everyone knows !. To undertake natural gas work you have to register with Corgi, yearly fee, plus exams every five years. The price of the exams are approx. well over a £1000.00 ($2000.00). plus time out for 3 days to resit. They are the only body that exsists for registered gas engineers. If you undertake oil, and lpg, then treble it.
    Unvented hot water systems, you need to be credited for this prior to fitting, thankfully a one off exam, approx $400.00.
    This is supposed to displace untrained (cowboy) plumbers, but really isnt happening.
    Sorry for my rant, and was wondering if the system in the usa was at least better than the situation that we have here.
    There are systems in place that are designed to generate money, and not safety, or quality of work. I for one have had more than enough , and am looking to emmigrate anywhere !.

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    we do everything from car washes to schools to jails.
    hot water boilers - last 2 in a school were fulton hydropulse 1.4 m btu
    steam boilers - last one headlight plant 2 m btu
    car washes are fun as there is about 300' of 2" copper in a 14 x 28 room
    doing some retro-fit work on schools and high rises to change out galvanized steel to copper.
    gas line of all sizes threaded and welded
    cooling towers and their assocoated water loops and plate type
    heat exchangers
    larger scale jobs are much more fun for me.
    although i piped my own home and that was also very fun
    my mechanical room resembles a

    thats about it for me. license fees in my state are very small for plumbing. no license for gas unless its a city license. which is usually just a fee and inspection.



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      the state of california requires a state contractors license. there is a test and fee required. also the cities require a business license for working in their cities. when i was an apprentice and then a journeyman plumber, i pad a fee for a city of los angeles journeymans license. now i pay the state fee for the contractors license.

      there is separate licenses for backflow preventor testing and for medical gas.
      i'm sure there are others, but can't think of them

      phoebe it is


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        In My area you need a seperate license NG propane (together) oil, plumbing steam, med gas, backflow prevention,

        But when you have the license you just have to around a 150 dollars every two years. Except med gas license only last a year and then you must get recertified.


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          Here you test in the municipality where you live, or work. I'm a licensed Master Plumber here in Pa. The bummer is you pay in each Township, or County you work in....mostly $50 to $75 each. I went through the whole magilla from helper to apprentice to journeyman to master. It took about 8 years or so with tests as you go to each level.

          I work alone for now, and I do mostly residential, light commercial service work, wells, drain cleaning, remodeling, hydronic heating, a few new homes here and there a year, and utility work.

          Lately I've been getting a lot of work from Home Insurance companies. It's not a bad deal once you get set up....which can be a pain!

          I'm also a licensed realtor, certified home inspector, industrial electrical certified, and just sold my tile company in Florida before moving back here to PA. sounds impressive, but I just liked doing a bunch of different things at different times in my life

          Pa. Licensed Master Plumber
          22 years on call!