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Flushable Baby Wipes?

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    Re: Flushable Baby Wipes?

    The main factor in determining how well a sanitary system works

    is whether or not it was properly installed. This includes various

    factors such as pitch, sizing, fittings, continuous slope, venting, etc.

    The other factor is the amount of water used in flushing.

    If you've never had a problem then I would guess that your piping

    was done right. If you have old, high consumption toilets that's a

    plus. We all know what should and shouldn't be flushed. There are many

    "flushable" products out there that have no business being flushed

    down the toilet, but they are. Sometimes with no problems, sometimes

    with disaster. It's a calculated risk and only you can make the decision.

    Cameraing the line may tell you the condition of it but it's no guarantee

    that a clog will never happen. The only 100% method of guaranteeing

    no stoppages is to not flush it, period.


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      Re: Flushable Baby Wipes?

      Originally posted by Acemac View Post

      Guess i am trying to figure out a good way to continue my dirty little habit (of being really clean) wwhile still feeling safe about doing it.

      yes i do understand that this is like a drug user asking if there is something he can do so drugs wont kill him......
      I am 100% serious about the toilet seat bidet. 100% clean every time without having your hand digging around down there. Plus you are no longer buying wipes and cutting way way down on your T.P. usage if at all.

      As for the drug user asking for some drug that won't kill him. Well you're just asking for a way to be clean. Thats not to much to ask for. At least you understand toilet paper does not clean. Baby wipes are only a little better at cleaning!!!!! What both do is damage a very delicate part of our body. water will do no damage to our butts. It will clean us 100% and in your case best of all run no risk of plugging a drain.


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        Re: Flushable Baby Wipes?

        99% sure if the waste pipe you see is pvc, then the waste pipe you don't see is also pvc.

        buy a battery powered water alarm and install it in the basement. hopefully you will hear it the day it's overflowing.

        pvc is the best product for being smooth and least chance of plugging. it's also the loudest product and most flammable.

        if i had the choice, i too would go with pvc.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Flushable Baby Wipes?

          to be honest with you, if i was nervous about this i wouldn't do it. you appear to be or you wouldn't be here. not trying to start a spitting contest with the rickster, but i don't see that problem here. as biggie says that your drains be right. also lots of water. i have customers on septics, that don't even flush tp. put it in a little can by stool. a $10.000.00 septic will do that to you. breid..........


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            Re: Flushable Baby Wipes?

            thanks rick the water alarm may be just what i am looking for never even knew they existed. my floor drain is right near all the major suspects for flooding to witch will make good use of the alarms.

            thanks for the responses i could discus this til the day i die but i might leave it be for awhile so you guys can go back to answering the other though plumbing questions on this board.