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New toilets needed...DIY Store? Or Not

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  • New toilets needed...DIY Store? Or Not

    I have been having toilet problems with plugging and such. I'm in a 11 year old home and are recent owners. I can't believe roots and such are the culprit, but rather I suspect we have cheap and problem toilets.

    The two toilets with the biggest problem have no brand name whatsovever on them anywhere. The third toilet has only acted up once and it is an Eljer toilet. Think maybe the previous owners replaced that one?

    Is it common to put no-name toilets in a home? Is this a sign of a cheap toilet that could be causing the problem?

    It's bad news, because the toilets have plugged enough to cause water damage to one of the bathrooms floors. I've replaced the flooring in there and put down tile.

    Thoughts and experiences? Thanks, DCG

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    Re: New toilets needed...DIY Store? Or Not

    Oh yeah, and my question is if this the cheap toilet is my probable culprit, where do I go to get a reasonably priced replacement? DIY store or other? What's the price of a good toilet?

    I can install them with no problem. Thanks, DCG


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      Re: New toilets needed...DIY Store? Or Not

      would you put your name on garbage

      if the toilets and tub or shower plug at the same time on the ground floor, then it's the main and possibly roots or baby wipes

      if one toilet plugs and a simple plunger is the fix, replace the toilet.

      i prefer the "toto" line of toilets. the "g-max" flush valve design is the best flushing. also the american standard champion toilet is good too. toto has a larger product line of choices.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: New toilets needed...DIY Store? Or Not

        Thank you for posting. I think they toilets are junk. Not good fit/finish and look very generic. It's a surprise how low builders will go.

        I'll look for toto and american standard.

        Thanks, DCG


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          Re: New toilets needed...DIY Store? Or Not

          Originally posted by DeerCreek View Post
          It's a surprise how low builders will go.
          I disagree. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the crapness of building materials.

          I figure that when a developer is building dozens of houses in a new subdivision or something, they'll go with the absolute cheapest bits they feel they can get away with and hope nobody notices until long after the houses are sold.

          In the last place I lived, the kitchen water connections to the kitchen sink broke because they were solid copper and every time you turned the water on, the faucet assembly would move a little.

          Also, the little brackets that held the stair rails on were made of some sort of pressed or cast steel or something. One of them broke right off one day. I went to Home Depot to get new ones and the price difference between the garbage ones that were on there and some Stanley ones that looked nearly identical but were made from what appeared to be solid steel was only around a dollar.

          Don't be surprised at all. Just replace them with something good and be happy you made an improvement.

          Also... on the topic of toilets... when my wife and I bought the house we're in we looked into replacing the existing toilets with new low-consumption ones. HD was having a big sale and the gov't here is giving rebates for switching to the new ones.

          We ended up deciding against it. Would we really want to replace the ones that are working ok right now with the cheapest of the cheap new ones we can get? No... I'd rather spend a few hundred on each new toilet and get one that's going to last forever and not clog up.