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Retrieving Cables k1500

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  • Retrieving Cables k1500

    I have a k1500 I havent had a cable break or had to retrieve one but I thought I might find out what is the best way to get one out.

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    Re: Retrieving Cables k1500

    Dig up the line


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      Re: Retrieving Cables k1500

      greg,it really depends on how it broke and if it's really stuck or just sitting there. you will know based on what caused it to break.

      if you have a camera, then run the camera to locate the end. mark the footage on the cable. you really need to grab the broken end at the end of the break. if you grab it 1' down, there is a good chance that you will get stuck in a wye or tee. the proper tool to use is the corkscrew retriever auger. the few times i needed to grab a broken cable, i had good luck a camera really makes it much simpler.

      now talk about retrieving a broken chain from a pipe bursting machine. when they break, the chain can spring 20-30' back into the pipe. you better use a camera to snag the last link, or you're not coming back out. this i've had to do 3 times not fun,but it can be done.

      i've cut out plenty of stuck cables with the right cutter that won't get tangled around the existing cable. once again a camera is nice to see what you're up against.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Retrieving Cables k1500


        If you break a cable while using your K-1500 you have a lot more problems than retrieving your cable. In 30-years I have never broken a cable with either my KM-1500 or the larger K-500. If you loose a cable in a line it was either not maintained or you need to dig the line up anyways.

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