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  • Stuck cable

    I have a Ridgid 750 cable stuck in about 8'. I know it's a root problem and I am able to move the cutter and cable ahead but once I pull it back it will always hang up in the same spot 8' out. I tryed reversing it and pulling and jerking on it for 3 hours but no luck. I'm sure the cutter and cable are wraped with roots. Any thing else I could try ? Thanks

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    Re: Stuck cable

    wizzy, your lucky it's only in 8'. the one problem is that the cable will torque up super quick since ther is not enough out to provide spring action.

    the best and probably the safest other than digging in 0 degree weather and frozen ground, would to send another cuter and cable into the line and try to cut the roots free. if you have access to a camera, use that first to confirm.

    if you don't have another machine, then you'll have to either disconnect your cable, all 100' and send in a new cable the 8' to help cut you free. oryou can cut your cable and put a new end on the 90' and try clearing it again.

    as long as you didn't wrap the cable in a knot, you should have no problem getting it out. a good jetter will also cut apart the roots.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Stuck cable

      Thanks Rick I was a little worried about sending in another cable and getting them stuck togeather. I used my 380 Ridgid 1/2" cable, a little small for the job but after I got the hang of it I was able to pull out small amounts and after about the 6th time the main cable came free of the roots. Thank you Rick your the best.