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  • Battery Back Up System

    I am looking for suggestions, on getting a battery backup system for my newly purchased Rigid SP500. My house is situated in a rural location that frequently loses power due to heavy rains. The lowest level in my house is cut into the hillside, when the power dies, the generator runs out of gas, and I am trapped due to flooded roads. The lowest floor becomes a river runs through it. I would appreciate any input.

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    Re: Battery Back Up System

    To run just that sump pump and maybe a lamp for long would take a serious battery bank and a good 2000 Watt rated sine wave interter. The cost for such would make another idea look far better. Try thinking about a small Diesel engine generator setup. If you're in a rural location most likely you have a well pump that needs to run, lights and lots more during an extended power failure. While this generator and a good size fuel tank that could keep it running for several days won't come cheap, I really think you have far more that needs backup power than just the sump pump.


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      Re: Battery Back Up System

      there are 12 volt battery back up pumps with a controller and a charger. the last one i installed the homeowner purchased from the grainger's catalouge. it's a nice system and has a led trouble code.

      there is also a water powered system that works on a venturi system. i think it's approx. 5 to 1. with a low head lift.

      if you're really prone to flooding, i would buy a gas powered pump. the 3'' unit i have does approx. 23,000 gph. i've used it on big emergencies and will pump out 2'' solids. there are also 2'' pumps that pump approx. 10,000 gph.

      store it full of motor oil andkeep fresh gas in a 5 gallon gas can that you can rotate into your car every 3 months to keep it fresh.

      same goes with a generator. there are also natural gas powered generators and propane powered. these tend to be more costly and will run as long as your gas is not shut off.

      phoebe it is