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  • hydrojetting

    i bought my first jetter. 2.1gpm, 1500 psi. 1 1/2 - 3" lines. could someone give me any useful tips?

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    Re: hydrojetting

    youbought an electric jetter with a 2 h.p motor. make sure you plug it into a dedicated 20 amp outlet without any other load.

    also stick with 2'' and smaller. 3'' is not going to get clean, it's just going to open the line.

    you'll soon buy a gas jetter for larger lines. and less electrical headaches

    welcome and join the fun

    phoebe it is


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      Re: hydrojetting

      Cool another Southern California guy. Welcome to the forum.

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        Re: hydrojetting

        I am not claiming to be an expert on jetters, I do have a lot of hours using power washers,

        I have one that I use with my power washer, foot valve and hose and nozzles, (use for my own use) it is about 3 gallons a min. 2000 psi,

        Note this is my opinion,
        If you can return it and get a larger unit I think your money would be better spent,

        the nozzles I have, one is a jetting nozzle one forward and a few back wards to propel it,
        and the second is one that spins,

        now when I am power washing machinery, or washing a building for striping paint, it is a good machine, with one nozzle, and 0 degree, it will cut you if you get with in 6" of the tip,
        if I want to I can cut a board in two, (it takes a little time but can be done).

        the problem is when you take that force and divide that flow up in to 3 or more streams, the pressure is there but the volume is not,
        and the volume of water is now coming out of 3 or 4 holes, and the stream almost vaporizes in a few inches, the "cutting" ability drops dramatically,

        years ago, I have an electric power washer with about the spec's, you have for a jetter, and as far as it cutting ability it was minimal, and that was with a single 0 degree nozzle. and if one use a 15 or larger fan nozzle the cutting and cleaning power was all most nothing.

        when I stepped up to the gas unit and nearly double the volume (gallons a min) and up the psi 1/4,(2000) the ability of the unit was amazing,

        with the experience I have, (like I said is minimal), I would think that 3 gallon min, 1500 to 2000 psi would be the smallest unit
        I would say mine would not do much more than a 3" line possibly a 4" and that would some what depend on the type of blockage and build up.

        I would want to start with. as I felt it was minimal for any real work, and If I was to buy a new jetter I would want more than what I have now.

        like said above it would be OK for under 2" lines,

        TIP: any time your using a power washer (jetter), go and buy a whole house water filter, and mount it on the intake of the washer, it will save your pump, ( I have one mounted to the frame of the power unit), it will filter out sand and grit, and debris that could find it way into the hoses or the persons water system.

        TIP: use properly sized nozzles for the gallon-age and psi your unit is rated for,
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          Re: hydrojetting

          bhd, you might not be a pro, but you know it like a pro

          very good advice. sounds like you have a 5.5 or 6.5 horse power machine.

          the electric is a decent start to get his feet wet but he will end up with a gas unit once he sees his lack of results

          i do use my electric every now and then on an indoor 1.5''-2'' line.

          next step would be the 6.5 or 13 horse unit. i moved up in this order.

          2 hp. electric
          5 horse gas
          18 horse gas
          6.5 horse gas
          24 horse gas
          and everything in between

          you need to size the machines flow with the size of the line you're cleaning. too much volume and you flood or create a backup. too little, and you do very little cleaning. all show and no go

          learn on the electric, and make room for the gas.

          good job bhd

          phoebe it is