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Toledo-beaver threader parts??? Please help

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  • Toledo-beaver threader parts??? Please help

    I have a Toledo 222 power drive. It needs a new set of chuck jaws. I can't find any info anywhere on where to find parts. I know Ridgid bought out Toledo, so does Ridgid still offer service parts? Do any of the Ridgid jaws fit the Toledo? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ridge never bought Toledo. However Toledo is still around, they are called Curtis Toledo now. I found a link to their web site:

    You can find their number and email address here; they might be able to help you out.

    I hope this helps.


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      Re: Toledo-beaver threader parts??? Please help

      I have an old toledo - 999 pipe threader that is in relatively good shape (considering its age) and I'm fairly certain that many of it's parts are interchangeable with the toledo - 222. I'm perfectly willing to part the machine oput as it is merely collecting dust in my warehouse. Call if you'd like any more info. Thanks. Dave - (330) 687-9518


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        Re: Toledo-beaver threader parts??? Please help

        dave, i wouldn't wait up for the phone to ring as the original post was from jan, 25, 2005 a mere 5 1/2 years ago

        welcome to the forum

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Toledo-beaver threader parts??? Please help

          I know this is a dead post but maybe someone can point me toward some guidance. I have a vintage Toledo No.25 I am working at taking it apart to sand blast paint and make new again. Is there somewhere I can get specs, assembly drawings or help on restoring it. I am either going to make it a conversation piece or sell it to someone that make use of it. It does still work, amazing its over 60 years old and works. After a few weeks of clean up I will have it as good as new.

          Also, anyone know what color the Toledo was. I originally thought this was a 161 Ridgid until it showed up in my garage.

          This might just go next to my Ridgid 48 when I am done. As painfully heavy as these heavy duty tools are I can't believe anyone would actually attempt to use these anymore.

          Any help would be appriciated.