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&*%$@ candle wax

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  • &*%$@ candle wax

    worked a job today that kicked my butt. the adult son of the house owner somehow ended up, a few weeks ago, getting HOT candle wax and boiling water down the kitchen sink. this is a 10 year old west indian house and there are some questions regarding how "things were plumbed".

    i ran a total of 45 feet of 5/8 cable (all that i have) with a drophead auger and my-50 nto the line. about half the time i felt i was going up the vent not down the sink line. so i pulled out and started over. when i was in the line i retrieved pieces of hardened candle wax, grease, and hair. several pushes were betwen 5 and 10 feet and finally i was able to go farther and the last 4 were at the maximum of my cable. retieved again wax, grease, and hair.

    running the cold water, there is no hot water on in this kitchen as the supply leaks and the owner never got around to it, it took almost 2 minutes for the sink to back up. the water drains at about 1/2 volume and after 2 minutes it takes about 1 1/2 minutes to back up again. after 5 minutes it takes the 2 minutes or so to begin to backup.

    the owner is very understanding about the issue and has no trouble with the bill. I WANT TO COMPLETE THE DAMN JOB!!!!!

    any ideas how to get candle wax from way down a sink line? chemicals? explosives? wax eating miniature vermin? dig the line up? i'm at my wits end and i still can't figure out how he got that much wax past the trap

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    Re: &*%$@ candle wax

    I use Hercules "GLUG" it`s a Non-Acid


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      Re: &*%$@ candle wax

      You might try 100 gallons of very very hot water and try to float up the wax if you can get the drain to back up. I think All Clear has a better idea if you can find it.

      If you do end up snaking it again, run lots of ice water down the drain. That will harden the wax so you stand a better chance of cutting away at it. I'm wondering if there might be some way to get a small jetter into the pipe and blast it away.
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        Re: &*%$@ candle wax

        wax is very similar to hardened grease.

        a jetter will do the job very nice. i would think that it's a 1.5''- 2'' line.

        you will need a forward nozzle with 1-3 jets and 6 rear jets to propel the nozzle forward. a jetter with at least 2500 psi and 3gpm will work fine. too small and you'll not have enough push with the forward nozzle. too large and you'll flood the place.

        cold water is the clue. hot will soften it and it will re- harden. cold will keep it moving.

        if you don't have a jetter, then keep at it with the 5/8'' cable k-50?

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