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"happy dog"

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  • "happy dog"

    well it's not who you think

    i was at a new customers house yesterday. she was worried about her Labrador not liking me she was amazed at how well we got along.

    i finished up the repairs and the roommates boxer now wanted to play.

    i love boxers. i have 1

    he must have loved me too. as i was playing with him, my right pocket got warm and wet

    i guess i have a way with dogs

    the owner was so embarrassed. i said no problem. at least i know where it came from. it's nothing compared to the next job i'm going to.

    i called my wife, mrs. seat down to tell her. she asked if i went home to change. "of course not" i'm working at the "filthy bar" next.

    give me the dog anytime

    sorry dog, i'm not sure if we have the same love

    phoebe it is

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    Re: "happy dog"

    that boxer now owns you.. You're a marked man.


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      Re: "happy dog"

      Josh, that is exactly what I said! The dog can have him, especially now that he is marked

      Mrs. Seat Down
      phoebe it is