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drilling a hole in a stainless steel sink

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    Re: drilling a hole in a stainless steel sink

    I like this guy, he's kinda dim.
    Originally posted by NHMaster3015
    No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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      Re: drilling a hole in a stainless steel sink

      Originally posted by JodBronson View Post

      For clearing the Magnet Trick up!

      Maybe he's STUCK in the 80's (plumbworker) where they make Stainless Steel Chrome Plating Over Plastic, no wonder a Magnet doesn't stick to his sinks, LOL

      They are PLUMBERS, don't they suppost to know this? Well his Screen Name indicated he is to me, maybe he's NOT!

      OK, I took a Picture of the Magnet sticking to my sink and holding a big Screw Driver cause them Magnets I got are STRONG. I hope he doesn't think I use Super Glue to hold that up next, or maybe a small Alien hovering under the Screw Driver, LMFAO .


      P.S. Too bad I threw my trash out yesterday, it's raining today and I'm NOT going out there to dig through them. I would take another picture with them Chips sticking to my Magnet just to prove it. But like I said... " He will remember me Drilling a Stainless Steel Sink next time. " A REAL STAINLESS STEEL!!! Not them Chrome Plating CRAP!!!! OK?
      However, magnetic stainless steel does exist. The 400 series, which contains steel and chromium, but without the presence of nickel, does in fact exhibit magnetic qualities. While the degree of magnetic attraction may vary, it is not unusual for items made with the 400 series stainless steel to provide enough attraction to interact with magnets, and in some cases to allow small metal items to adhere to the stainless steel surface. However, magnetic stainless steel in consumer products does not tend to carry a strong magnetic charge, so there are not any practical home uses involving magnetic attraction. And i only drill a small pilot with a unibit for my puch....


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        Re: drilling a hole in a stainless steel sink

        I just use a standard Lenox hole saw bit with some oil and it cuts through like butter. Bit is still sharp after cutting.