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rear discharg floor mounted toilet

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    Re: rear discharg floor mounted toilet

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    dog, i tried to explain to him, but what do i, we know


    along with plumbing, i do core drilling, saw cutting, horizontal boring, and trenchless pipe replacement. i guess i still need to learn the tricks

    just 2 days ago i cored a 5'' hole through a footing in the blind at 1/4'' pitch to line up with an exisiting sewer. hit it right on the money you can't hire a coring co. to lay out your plumbing, you need to do it yourself. this way i lay it out and drill it or cut it my self. no down time.

    newest saw is a 12'' concrete chain saw. cuts square corners without overcutting and block walls to 10'' thick from 1 side. i guess i can cut a tree down if it's made from concrete
    I've used coring companies for twenty plus years, but.........and I mean BUT, they drill where I tell them to drill.

    This guy is lost. He is going to end up spending more by trying to do it himself. I know that there are those that think I stink, but that is the truth (I do when I come home from work somedays).
    the dog


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      Re: rear discharg floor mounted toilet

      I Will be starting the project this winter. I was just trying to get advice while I was thinking about it. I will post the pics when I am done. I admit their a some things I do not know but it seems their are a few people who need to realize this also. Plumbing I do not know, concrete I know. We can compare credentials and past experiences but you know what, nobody really cares I am sure. Guys thanks and I will see you in the spring. You gave me much to think about. I really don't know what I am going to do macerating jackhammer or wall hung with elevated tub or shower. I know I can jackhammer and it will work no doubt. I also know it will not be as good as it was before. I am leaning wall hung as my buddy who does know plumbing said they are not that bad to install if I am willing to spend the $$ on the right stuff. All I know is the wife said she wants the kid to have her own and I quote " Master Bedroom ". To those who got exited I am sorry I enjoyed every bit of my time on this forum. See ya in the spring.