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Sewer problem- funny story

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  • Sewer problem- funny story

    Thought I would share this story with ya'll;

    Guys went out to check a stopped sewer, only brought small snake to clear obstruction (typical clog they thought). Well it didn't work they needed a longer one.

    Got the longer snake and reached the "clog" couldn't budge it. So they went to the rental store and got the "monster" which they said would clear anything including roots from a live oak tree! This thing also had 150' of reach! Dang clog is got to go!

    Back at site set up and start machine. Note this is an older house without any clean outs anywhere to be found outside. We know this because they spent better part of the day digging up the yard. As a result they removed the toilet and was going in from there.

    The machine gets to the "clog" and they really crank it up because its a bear and refuses to budge. The helper goes outside just to see what if anything is noticeable. All of a sudden water starts comming up out of the drain in the house flooding the bathroom, damn! They spend a while cleaning that up. They go back outside and find the neighbor outside looking confused. He asked them if they are doing anything with the plumbing, they answer to the affirmative, he says "come see this!". They go inside to see the "monster" has broken his toilet!!! It was sticking up out of the floor like the Monster it is!

    It seems that the two houses were interconnected at the sewer, and done quite badly. There was a "T" where it should have been a "Y" and the drain cleaner just went straight and into the neighbors house! The "clog" happened to be in the neighbor's yard!

    The neighbor got a new toilet and also got his drain repaired. It didn't hurt that the 2 landlords were related!


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    Re: Sewer problem- funny story

    LOL, good thing he was not sitting on it when it happened! He really would have crapped in his uhhh toilet.


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      Re: Sewer problem- funny story

      That is Funny.
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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        Re: Sewer problem- funny story

        that would suck


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          Re: Sewer problem- funny story

          I deal with that situation on sink drains here at Richards GeBauer AFB all the time. All of the dorm sinks are connected with T's that drop down to a short horizontal pipe which t's into the main stack. Naturally the horizontal piece clogs and then the fun begins.
          | T-to sinks

          So we cut above the sinks in the "vent" pipe and fish the snake in to the upper horizontal piece to get down to the lower horizontal piece.

          Then our apartment bldg has apartments back to back with two bedrooms, sinks in each. The sinks are connected with a T, apartment to apartment rather than bedroom to bedroom. We have one set we can't get the snake to go down the T so they just don't use those sinks.
          Because of these minor issues, I appreciate you real plumbers greatly.
          God Bless You Super Good!!!


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            Re: Sewer problem- funny story

            try running from the vent stack on the roof. i end up there on tuff back to backs.

            phoebe it is