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Kinetic water ram

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    Re: Kinetic water ram

    The way I look at the water ram, Ro- Pump/ AJ Coleman Force Pump, canvas sludge bags, and a few other tools that do not get used daily, as tools in the arsenal to help clear blockages. Kind of like you would not run around with just 24" pipe wrenches, you have a few of each size smaller, and who knows may even have a 36" and a 48" for those occasional times you need it.

    The water ram, and force pumps work great, as Geno says
    With experience it becomes less of a crap shoot. (Are the traps corroded, etc.)
    You learn when and where to use the tool, and you learn not to over pump up the pressure. Key is to start with 5 maybe 10 psi and go up in 5 psi increments. It is not the pressure that clears the stoppage, it is the shock wave that is created, which is why it works even if there is a vent near by.
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      Re: Kinetic water ram

      I can't really think of any reason I would use this type of tool over a cable or jetter to clear out a clog. They have very limited applications and have a few bad side-effects.

      -They only clear out clogs in traps and pipes before they hit the first vent. If the clog is downstream of the fixture tee, you are just launching debris and water up the vent, which likely wasn't clogged before you started.
      -If you use it on your toilet and don't plug the main jet hole, you will launch (and I do mean launch) waste back up into the inner ports of the bowl.
      -Similar to the toilet, using it on a lavatory sink that has water in it will also cause debris to force up into the overflow, possibly clogging that also.
      -The initial "shock" may push apart slip fittings in unreachable areas; like a waste & overflow causing it to leak.
      -If you attempt to use it in a multi-unit building, be sure its not a a back to back fixture situation or the neighbor will not be happy with their unexpected wastewater shower.
      -Worst of all, it does nothing to actually clean the clog out of the pipe. It either forces it down the line to a larger line if your lucky, or it simply clears out an area enough for the air to get by and the water to drain.

      These tools do nothing to solve the customers problem professionally, only offer a temporary fix.

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        Re: Kinetic water ram

        They do a nice job of shooting the rubber feet off the bottom of the see snake reels. I have two pumps from coleman. There nice.