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Sump Pump MAJOR concern

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  • Sump Pump MAJOR concern

    We bought a home last month and didn't really know what that mushroom shaped thing was in the back of our yard that kept spurting out water many times a day. Our neighbors confirmed that it is a sump pump. The problem is (as I said) our sump pump spews out water many times a day, plus other things that look like toilet paper, corn, and poop. It's disgusting. We can't even walk in half of our backyard because it's always soaking wet and squishy. Can anyone help me?? We don't know what's going on. Only that whenever a mysterious "sssssh" noises starts up in our bathroom (when we have not even been in the bathroom) we look out the window and water is coming out of the sump pump. HELP!

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    Re: Sump Pump MAJOR concern

    That doesn't sound like a sump pump problem. Sounds like a septic system problem. Do you have a mound system?
    Jim Don


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      Re: Sump Pump MAJOR concern

      What is a moud system....I don't believe so, I asked my neighbors and it appears that we have the same style pump, they say theirs turns on a couple times a month, while ours seems to be constantly running. It just pours out of the pipe throughout the day outside, and in the basement, we have a pump.


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        Re: Sump Pump MAJOR concern

        it sounds like you have a sewage ejector pump and the discharge line is broken in the yard.

        But, there could be a few other possibilities, like a sump pump in the crawl space catching ground water and sewage from a broken drain line. Then being discharged to a rock pocket in the yard, which may be what the mushroom shaped thing is.

        What you need to do is call a plumber out and have them figure it out.


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          Re: Sump Pump MAJOR concern

          Thanks for the advice! I'll look into the sewage ejector pump, too! Obviously, this is all rocket science to me!


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            Re: Sump Pump MAJOR concern

            To me, it sounds like you need to call out a plumber


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              Re: Sump Pump MAJOR concern

              My guess is the mushroom thing is a discharge device thats connected to the sump pump to disperse the water when the pump comes on. BAPlumber is on the right track with the broken sewer line leaching into the sump pit. The SSSSHHHing sound could be a running toilet causing the pump to cycle many times during the day saturating your yard.

              Hope that home came with a warranty

              When that corn grows to be about 8' tall please don't eat it!!

              On the upside you will have the greenest yard on the block
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