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  • Directional Drilling

    I am pretty new the directional drilling process. I just started on a team last January. Occasionally the orifices in the drill head plug and prevent mud from flowing into the drill hole. To open these holes we have been jamming and twisting mechanics wire into them, a frustrating and time consuming process. There has to be a better way to open them. The 'seasoned' team members said they can't use a long drill bit because they are afraid the bit will break off and plug the orifice permanently. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to unplug these orifices?


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    Re: Directional Drilling

    I've never done directional drilling but is this basically water well drilling? I've drilled 18 holes for the navy. The deepest we've ever gone is 1500 ft. That was Souda Bay, Crete. What kind of formation are you in? What kind of bit are you using? What your rotation speed, holdback, pulldown, are you using collars? I'm probably getting more in depth than you want but to answer your question in form it was stated in just use screwdriver with the mud pump turned up. Make sure you got a screen on the surface casing in case you drop the screwdriver. Drilling is complicated with lots of variables but once your tower leader and derrick hand understand those variables, you will hardly ever get any mud build up.
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