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    Re: handyman plumber

    Originally posted by All Clear Sewer View Post
    here ya go

    Now if you had done 10 years of plumbing you should have been a master

    Hacking plumbing is not doing plumbing
    the word MASTER does not mean a thing to me all i say is if you are here to help someone then do it but don't put people down by telling them to get a pro to do it .you can help them a little and then if it over there head then they can call a plumber [ you don't have to say A PRO or A MASTER PLUMBER ]

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      Re: handyman plumber

      i agree completely
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        Re: handyman plumber

        Originally posted by BHD View Post
        there are licenced HACKS and there are unlicensed PROS, the paper work does not make you a PRO any more than the lack of it makes one a HACK

        I wonder which one I am?


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          Re: handyman plumber

          If you are going to run a business, follow the laws. You will never grow without it. You will always be looking over your shoulder.

          This guy needs to check his local laws. Like I said, in California he is fine unless he goes over $500.00.
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            Re: handyman plumber

            this is a repost from approx. 6 months ago from joey/ mrs. seat down

            2 Unlicensed contractors were hired at my agency by the former Executive Director.

            Person A turned out to be her boyfriend who she hired to retile some of our tub stalls. (It is a building from the 20's and the tub enclosure is no longer standard size) I discovered the contractors license he was using belonged to his deceased father who was an electrician-not a general. I turned him in to the state contractors board with a pile of evidence like they had never seen before. I then had to pick his photo out of a line-up. The contractors board found him guilty and turned the case over to the City District Attorney for criminal charges to be filed. While I was waiting I took him to small claims court where he did not show up. The Judge awarded my agency a Judgement for the full amount of money we were out ($3.600 for labor and materials he purchased with our company credit card). I just received word from the District Attorney that they had a money order for us with the total amount due. The best part--he chose 30 days of CalTrans (picking up trash on the freeway) over 90 days in Jail.

            Person B claimed to be a licensed plumber and taught plumbing at a local trade school. We needed an earthquake valve installed and Rick won't come to this end of town since it is not his typical route. I discovered he had not been licensed since 1985. I turned him in to the state contractors board , also with a pile of evidence. I then had to pick his photo out of a line-up. The contractors board found him guilty and turned the case over to the City District Attorney for criminal charges to be filed. In the meantime I kept calling the school he worked--it was the only way to get a hold of him. His supervisor was a former member of the contractors board so he was on my side and definitely helped. This guy ended up using someone else's license to pull the permit to get our valve signed off on. When the inspector arrived the police were here for our clients, which is very typical, but it scared him so he signed off with barely even looking at the valve. Worried that the place may blow up from improper installation, I finally convinced Rick to come out and verify that the work was at least done right. Because he felt it was I did not take this guy to small claims court. The district attorney told me this guy (who is 60) chose 90 days in jail over 30 days of Caltrans. I could not understand why he would do this. Turns out with our overcrowded jails he was only in jail for 2 days! He has a payment plan with the court to pay us back the money he was paid. But, he has a prior conviction. So he also owes $15,000 in fines and penalties.

            I kept questioning these guys as they were working. There were always things that just didn't seem right or that I was correcting, which made me start investigating. So after 6 long months and some running around it was alll worth it in the end!


            p.s this is a repost from approx. 6 months ago.

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              Re: handyman plumber

              I am not suggesting that some one do something that is illegal.

              I think that was the original question is how much plumbing could he do as a handyman.

              What I am saying is that paper work does not make one good or lack of it make some one incapable of doing a proper job,
              (I am talking in general terms no one trade selected).

              Just a question, if paper work made one capable of doing the "PRO" job,
              Then in locations where licensing and inspectors are used or required.
              Why is the work of the licenced "Pro", Inspected?

              I DO BELIEVE that one will be able to find a KNOWLEDGEABLE COMPETENT and ONE CAPABLE of doing PROFESSIONAL work by hiring a LICENCED person or persons.
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