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Removing Toilet (not installing new one)

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  • Removing Toilet (not installing new one)

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if someone might have some advice for what to do after a toilet is removed and there is not going to be a replacement. I have two main bathrooms and then there is a small closet bathroom that only a infant can fit in. I am wanting to remove the toilet because it is not used anymore. The only problem is, I am not sure what to do with the open drain from the old toilet.

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    Re: Removing Toilet (not installing new one)

    youy need to properly cap the line and seal it so that sewer gas or sewer waste from a stoppage won't fill the room

    i would leave the old flange there just in case you decide to reinstall the toilet down the road.

    a simple way, but it will stick up a little is to purchase a "dollar plug"/ expansion plug, in 3'' or 4''. and tighten into the cleaned pipe end.

    a better more permanant way is to ball up a few pieces of newspaper to act as a stop. push it into the line approx. 2'' down. then pour a soupy mix of "plumbers dynamite"/ plaster of paris/ pourstone. until flush with the top of the pipe. make sure the newspaper will stop the flow of the wet mix. this is the method we use when testing large projects.

    if you ever deceide to reinstall the toilet, just break out the mix and pull the paper.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Removing Toilet (not installing new one)

      Do you have access to the pipe under the toilet(basement, crawl space)? If you do then cut the pipe and cap it.
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