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Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

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    Re: Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

    freddy i have no idea what he does but he didn't read or understand my point or explanation.

    I understood your comment completly. And could see where I might do the same thing some where if I wanted to. My Main Comment was to the fact


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      Re: Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

      Originally posted by biscuit View Post
      This is not really a plumbing question, well, maybe, heck I aint sure!

      Does anyone have any experience with using copper pipe for compressed air runs.

      I want to make a loop around my Garage and I would really like to use copper pipe. I just wanted to hear some opinions first. Good and/or bad?

      what part of good and bad is not explained for the third time
      what part did i say to use a water heater for his application

      based on his ability to get 100' of copper for free, and he works for the second largest mechanical contractor in his state, i would think and hope he is fully qualified to use or not use my suggestions. my suggestion being don't use 1'' copper, but to add a small 5-10 gallon portable air tank.

      this is the third or fourth time i'm telling you this

      freddy, since i don't know what profession you're in, why don't you tell us what makes you the expert. or do you jump on the bandwagon and not read the postings?

      bhd read it and explained the same thing over again as i have 3 or 4 times.

      sorry to sound like the "dog" but enough is enough. when you have 32 years in my trade then i will take you more serious.i think installing well over 4 thousands water heaters, i can speak from experience.
      i, we have no idea what you do, or where you're from.

      enough already!

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

        Ok guys... lets let this one go. Its going nowhere good. Please realize this is a forum. Things get posted and interpreted differently by different readers. I dont think Rick was recomending a solution as much as discussing things that he has experienced. At the same time I realize everyones concern for safety and thats valid. Rick doesnt endorse the idea and nobody else does on the forum so lets just let this one go and move on.




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          Re: Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

          Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
          freddy, please explain how water pressure at 100# is 3x higher in air pressure or let me explain since i know what you're trying to get at.

          the rate of expansion of a liquid, that doesn't expand or compress, compared to the rate of expansion of a gas/ air that compresses and expands is a whole lot more than 3 to 1. that is the reason why tanks are hydro tested and not air tested. the tank will still hold the same 300# either air or liquid. it's just if the tank were to explode, compressed air would be a hell of an explosion water would be a hell of a leak

          has anyone that is questioning my own statements installed as many water heaters as i have? a tank tested to 300# will hold 300# psig. considering i never went over 125# and had a pressure relief valve set at 150#. the new tank will not explode, it will leak like every other old leaking water heater has done.
          the exploding water heaters are caused by super heated water turning to steam and water is introduced into the tank causing even more rapid expansion. this is when there is no pressure, temperature relief valve. the thermostat has failed and the high limit cut out has also failed. last but not least, this would be on a closed system with a check valve. pressure will back up otherwise and go back into the main.

          out of the 50+ million installed in the usa, when was the last time you,you've seen or heard of a water heater that exploded?

          hope i cleared this up and educated the ones in question.

          at what point did i tell him to use a water heater tank?

          the tank was an example of what i did, since i had a new tank, 2 weeks old and it worked for me on a sandblasting job.

          everyone reread the post and it says to use a portable 5 to 10 gallon air tank. these tanks are the ones that you use to fill a tire. they sell them at auto parts stores and home depot. the best location for this extra tank would be the closes to the point of use. it will act as a surge tank if the volume feeding the line drops, and as an extra capacity tank to keep the compressor from cycling as often. it will run longer to refill though.

          installing 100' of 1'' copper is not only a very expensive option, but a waste of power every time you turn on the compressor for a small job.

          personally i own 6 compressors. 2 gas powered wheelbarrow style, and 4 electric powered compressors. i use the compressor that matches the size of the job that i'm doing. to run an over sized compressor on a little job is a waste. to run an undersized compressor creates a lot of wear and tear. most compressors have less than a 50% duty cycle. the best ones are 100%.

          last point, please quote me where i told someone to use a water heater tank.

          what i do as a professional and what advise i give to others is safe. a water heater was not advice given to others.


          I've called you the Godfather of this forum. I still think you are. Your post upset me because I have worked extensively in compressed air. It can be more dangerous then people think. The one thing I don't joke about, give wise-*** comments about, flame people about is saftey.

          Do not use anything that is not designed for air as an air vessel, it can explode.

          But, you are alright in my book Rick. I depend on you for information. You agreed it was a bad idea. Let's move on to where we were. You know, where both put each other down like brothers, but respect each other's opinions.

          Your one of the most knowledgeable plumbers I have had the pleasure of dealing with.


          The Dog.
          the dog


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            Re: Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

            thanks dog for the kind words

            thanks josh for putting an end to this story

            the end.

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Copper pipe for Compressed Air loop

              dang and i was ready to use a 2 litter soda pop bottle on my 150 psi compresser for a little added volume.

              Do not use anything that is not designed for air as an air vessel, it can explode.

              truer words have not been spoken here, it seems to me air being widly avalialbe today as it is has put people in a very dangerous situation because they do not under stand .... exspantion, constration, metal futigue, pressure, and the rateing systems.
              i was told by my dad when i was a kid if i dont understand something,DO NOT USE IT UNTILL I DO!!!
              must have been good advise as i am still here and everything on me is still here
              9/11/01, never forget.