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    Re: DVW group 1

    Originally posted by BHD View Post
    I am going to say I am disappointed with many of the "PRO"s on here,

    A guy came to this board asking for help in the house he is building, and the the PRO's here start to throw stones at him, and he keeps his cool for many posts, and finally lashes back and then you pat your selves on the back and then blame him for starting it. (he explained his situation, and you in your wonderful wisdom tell him he is lieing.
    I live in very rural America and it is not a lie, maybe things are not done on the same level as it is in the "big city" but when the area you work in may only have 500 homes and business in two zip codes, with an average of two new homes build in a calendar year, and that is covering an area of over 1200 square miles, things are different, supply houses are diffrent the experence level is diffrent, most every thing is diffrnet).

    YOUR acting like school yard bullies,

    IF you DO not want DIY questions on this board then have Josh make a policy of NO DIY QUESTIONS,

    There is more than a few of you who have the DEITY SYNDROME.

    If you don't want to answer some one question then DON'T POST,

    there was a time in your life where you did not know how to run a DWV system either, and there are things you don't know now, and yet if you post a question in an area where you are not A "pro", you hope that some one would guide you or help you in your quest.

    This DISPLAY OF RUDENESS AND PRIDE and DISRESPECT for others, is disgusting and distastfull.

    YOUR MOTHERS WOULD BE ASHAMED YOU. and your fellow plumbers should to.

    Personally I am surprised that this thread has not been locked,
    BHD I take personal responsibility on this,Are you telling me that you cannot get a licensed person to get to any part of the United States.I am sorry you feel this way.The 23 years in construction that I have experienced puts the OP in a tough spot for what he is looking for.There are too many things that are posted that are not consistant with the proper project process.I don't want the moderators of the forum to lock this one out because we can't work through things.But what is happening here is wrong and I innitiated it by giving it attention when others saw it for what it truely is,not right,period.He is not asking for help as I thought,he is cutting corners at someones expense.I could be way outside of my box,but it doesn't feel that way,or at least it should not.


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      Re: DVW group 1

      Originally posted by gdavis62 View Post
      It's DVW to me, after I've sniffed enough PCV glue.

      Drain-waste-vent, waste-drain-nevt, waste-your-life, live-to-drain, born-to-ride, ride-to-live, what's the diff?

      I didn't get my q's answered by the big city pros, but I'm feeling good anyway for mostly figuring it out myself, with the help from a couple of local guys here, and some books.

      You guys have provided some good laughs, though. Who writes your stuff?

      Next up, we've got a supply system for water, a hydronic heating system with an LP-fired boiler, doing DHW with an indirect, multitemp system with Tekmar controls, euro rads up, infloor pipe down, outdoor reset, yadda, yadda, yadda. Should be fun. All that, though, after we've framed this thing up, and dried it in with a roof.

      Here's a q for all you So Cal folks: habla espanol? Any Mexicans or central Americanos doing any of your plumbing out there?

      Maybe they'll get enough voting power out their in your locale to ban flushing the paper down the toilet. Put your little brownie wipes in the wastebasket, instead. That's the way it is everywhere I've been south of the Rio Grande.

      Less roto rooting for you, more plastic wastebasket sales for Wallo-Marto.

      Very adult of you. Perhaps next time you visit a new forum you can be up front with its members and they may try and help you a little more. If in fact you're really acting as the builder on a spec home and you are building below the minimum standars of the Code you are building a sub-standard home. I would be interested to know if you market the home that way?

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