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Hardest job you've done?

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  • Hardest job you've done?

    What's the hardest job you've done? Physically or time wise, no matter.

    Mine was after Hurricane Katrina I worked w/ Gulfport PW and we were shutting down water breaks. The city had only around 5psi because all all the line breaks. After about 2 weeks we got most of the leaks fixed and the pressure was normal again.

    Anyway, Army came in and was clearing a road and knocked off a fire hydrant and the gate valve for it. We couldn't find the shutoff valve and I had to put the 6" valve on live. I was the only one big enough to handle the valve with the room available. Took about 2 hours and lots of cussing. The water rushing past blew so much sand down my pants that I couldn't even bend my legs. I had to grab the backhoe bucket and have it lift me out because I couldn't move.
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    Re: Hardest job you've done?

    Boy I'm sure those were tough times. I am walking out the door to head out of State in a minute but the first which comes to mind was the Northridge Earthquake. We had a couple of thousand units in the SF Valley we took care of and I knew they had damage. The freeway between my valley and the SF Valley had fallen down and I had to go the long way so a 20-mile drive was 4-hours. I could not get ahold of any of the managers or the managment company as all of the phones were out. I loaded up all of our trucks and we carravaned into the area and worked several days without any time off. When we ran out of parts I would send runners 150-miles away to Barstow to buy supplies. It took months to fix the freeway and even longer to patch all of the buildings up.

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      Re: Hardest job you've done?

      WOW Gear junkie.!!! Sounds like that was a blast. Wish I could have been right next to you. Quite a challenge I'm sure .
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