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  • Am I missing something?

    Got an under-slab sewer line coming through a wall we formed today for an early a.m. pour tomorrow.

    That line, in 4" PVC, running under the slab, has branches and a turn, requiring PVC fittings (wyes, combos, sweep 90s). Those fittings all have hubs for the 4" line, the PVC schedule 40 pipe having a 4.500 O.D.

    Instead of placing a sleeve in the wall, the plumber asked that we glue a 16" section of the sewer pipe through the form (EPS ICF), pitched very slightly to outside, and he will couple to that, inside and out.

    The section he gave us to insert in the wall, is pale blue, and measures more like 4-1/4" O.D. He claims this is the pipe he always runs in under-slab sewer and drainage arrangements.

    I don't get it. He cannot use hubbed PVC fittings with this. What's going on?

    I am looking at Charlotte's product data, and seeing that what I likely built into the wall is a piece of PVC SDR 35, with wall thickness of 0.120" and an O.D. of 4.215".

    I think he is mistaken, and this stuff cannot be used inside under the slab. It will not mate correctly with fittings, which have a hub I.D. of 4.515".

    It appears to me that we must use PVC SCH40 from this wall insert up through all the fittings, and couple this SCH40 sewer line to the SDR35 insert at the wall.

    It's a holiday and I cannot call the supplier. Nowhere in Charlotte's catalogs of fittings do I see a coupling/adapter that can be used to join the SCH40 4" (4.500 O.D.) to SDR35 4" (4.215 O.D.) the plumber gave us.

    Is there such an animal? Or do we simply make up this joint with a rubber no-hub?

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    Re: Am I missing something?

    Look out!! I think I smell a DOG attack coming


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      Re: Am I missing something?

      Whoops! Ignore the thread. I found it. Charlotte's part number 117, adapter coupling, 4x4, "adapts sewer and drain spigot to DWV spigot, hub x hub"


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        Re: Am I missing something?

        Yes you are missing something but thats beside the point.

        So instead of a sleeve through a structural pour you now have a piece of SDR35?...bad idea


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          Re: Am I missing something?

          I understand production but pouring a slab is permanent. Why not push the pour back a day to do things right? If your plumber is this shadetree, I wonder else he screwed up on?
          Buy cheap, buy twice.


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            Re: Am I missing something?

            expecting the concrete guy to properly place a sewer stub at the correct location and correct pitch is nuts

            either an oversize sleeve, such as a 6'' pvc/ abs sleeve, then you have some play to run the 4'' through it. or a core drill to place it at the exact spot after the pour.

            the plumber is to blame if the concrete guy blows it.

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Am I missing something?

              With all the plumbing problems you are having I think you should fly Rick in to do the job. Money spent now with the wrong plumbers can cost a ton later when nothing drains.
              you know the old saying "pay me now or you will be paying me later"