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Zurn wall hydrant

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  • Zurn wall hydrant

    We have one of these on a circa 1955 former Air Force dormitory. Naturally the handle has been stripped off and it doesn't seal anymore. Any resources you guys are aware of to fix this beast, where to find them? Thanks for your help. DaveVB
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    Re: Zurn wall hydrant

    Have you checked with Zurn's web site? Might post a picture maybe someone has old stock of parts. Short of that you may have to replace it.


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      Re: Zurn wall hydrant

      Handles or keys for most of these were usually removable IIRC to prevent tampering. You should be able to get a replacement if you don't have one.

      Check this web page and see if your hydrant is there, or one similar to it.

      Most of the hydrants shown should have parts sheets accessible from the web page such as this one for a very popular model;
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        Re: Zurn wall hydrant

        looks like this site ( has some hydrant repair kits that might work. otherwise, you might have to replace.


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          Re: Zurn wall hydrant

          Try your query with The Southwest Area Manager's office:
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          Phone: 972-241-4898
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