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  • Hello

    Let me introduce myself,before I ask a question.My name is Sean and I am a plumber from the U.K.and have been lurking for a while. Have found this site to be a good read, with posts by people with both feet on the ground and a wealth of practical experience. The reason I started browsing was to gain information on North American plumbing as I am thinking of emmigrating to Canada.At present I am working my through the National Plumbing Code of Canada 2005 (bit heavy going), also plan to get the Individual Learning Modules from Alberta and work through them,even if I don't move I think this will broaden my knowledge.
    My question is directed towards the Canadian plumbers but I would value any input.
    What is the feeling on the ground towards immigrants in the trades? ie are they wanted or needed?

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    Re: Hello

    I am not from the Great White North, but can tell you from experience in the States that immigrants are usually well liked. In the Chicago area there are a lot of Irish in the trades. Most of us like their accents and comical stories about assimilation. A lot of the guys are hard workers, as it seems their apprenticeships/life stories are harder than ours. I would say, go for it, and happy plumbing.


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      Re: Hello

      We one guy from England and two more coming in our company. The place right now hurting for plumbers is Calgary. Check out a newspaper called the calgary sun classfieds from the companies. AS for new immigrants where booked one week in advance so as long as you know your stuff all the power to anyone coming to Canada.


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        Re: Hello

        Originally posted by seanwarde View Post
        What is the feeling on the ground towards immigrants in the trades? ie are they wanted or needed?
        Qualified tradesmen are definitely needed here in Alberta. I've worked (work) with a few immigrants and lots of migrants, most are good guys. I do get a little tired of all the "in my country" or "back home we did it like..."

        Alberta has the hottest economy in Canada right now. Lots of work, good wages etc... The down side is the cost of living. In Calgary for example the average house costs over 500K (2nd most expensive city in Canada) housing prices climbed 27% in Calgary last year. Edmonton isnt much better the average home cost 440K, and climbed 40% last year. Alberta was a good place to get started 5-10yrs ago, now its a little late. My advise to you would be look at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan its were Edmonton was in 2000, set to boom. Good Luck.
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          Re: Hello

          which learning modules are you after? If you are interested in the modules from 1st-4th yr, you should contact the alberta apprenticeship board...The modules are $250-$315 per year, but if you are interested in challenging the gas or plumbing exams you will need them for sure. The modules themselves dont necessarily reflect how things are done in the field, but the alberta exams are taken directly frim the modules.

          Like everyone else said, calgary is an easy place to get a job, and anyone skllled and willing work is welcome. In fact even if you arent skilled and willing to work you ll still be welcome. Journeymen rate is $28-32 plus benefits, but you should definately arrange your living arrangements before you get here, affordable living is very hard to find.
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            Re: Hello

            [QUOTE=bigPipe09;82799]which learning modules are you after?

            I'll be getting all the learning modules,later this year,plan is to learn evenings and weekends if work and life let me.

            Any way thanks for the replies,it seems that as long as one works hard and doesn't "mouth-off" to much one should get along fine.

            Talking about working what hours does the average journeyman work?Is it the average 5 day 40 hour or are you expected to do more? (i.e. 7 days 70+ hours wife leave you dog bite you hours?)