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  • I need your help

    I have a question i would like to put to everyone out there,I am looking for a special piece, for lack of a better term at this minute, what I need is a fitting tht will attach to an outside petcock that will have a sharp angle up , its for my daughters place, she just bought an older home and when the last owner built his deck on the back of the house he didnt allow for the petcock to accept a hose, now its about 1 " from the flooring of the deck and she wants to be able to use the hose, I have seen an adapter that will go on the petcock but can't find one, boy this is hard to explain, but here goes, you attach the adapter to the faucet and it has a sharp right angle up so you can use the hose!!! confused are ya? I did find a adapter with a slight angle but still wont work, any one can help me I sure would appreciate it,
    also I want to find a petcock handle that accepts a square fitting not the round ones
    thanks again

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    Re: I need your help

    Man I searched but couldn't find anything. It sounds like you need one of those small 45* brass adapters.
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      Re: I need your help

      If it were my home I would relocate the bibb (assumes it's not frost-proof) 18" higher with an exposed riser than strap it to the wall.

      Or you could try some of these adapters:

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        Re: I need your help

        You could remove old faucet and reinstall so the angle will work for you. When replacing you could get the faucet that has a square stem to turn off.
        you could look for washing machine hose that have sharp 90 angle built into the hose. you could run new pipe and run it to a convenient location.


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          Re: I need your help

          I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for or not. These are used for the hose input to a RV to keep it from having a sharp bend.

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            Re: I need your help

            Perhaps im not understanding correctly.

            Could you not turn the petcock 90 dgrees clockwise and get some more room that way?

            Might be a temporary solution.


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              Re: I need your help

              thank you all for your response, I think the response with the 90 deg waterhose entry elbow will be the answer to the problem,, the petcock cant be moved ,or not least with alot of work , i do appreciate your answrs tho
              thanks again guys