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345DL Flaring Tool: brake line is slipping

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  • 345DL Flaring Tool: brake line is slipping

    Hello, everyone.

    I've been using the Ridgid 345DL double flaring tool to make some new 3/16" brake lines. The problem is that regardless of how tight the clamp is, the line slips down when the cone is "doubling" the tube. All the other size holes have ridges inside to hold the line in place; however, the 3/16" (smallest) hole doesn't.

    Has anyone found a solution to this?



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    Re: 345DL Flaring Tool: brake line is slipping

    I guess you must be doing better than me as I have 2 345 flaring tools (not the double flare kit) , I have a Double flare kit made by another company but not Ridgid and use the heads on the 345 to start the double flare,

    I looked on the (337 flare tool ,it may be a 377) I am not sure, the 37 degree unit - 3/16" to about 3/4" and it the 4 smallest holes are smooth it does have a 3/16 hole,

    the only thing I can think of is to careful try wraping a piece of masking tape on the tube and make the bar grip tighter, and hope the adhesive doesn't work as a lubricant,

    the other thing is could it be metric tubing, with english threaded ends on it, (with all the import stuff some times things are a mixture)

    I see Ridgid makes a flare tool for metric tubing, RG23342
    and RG50257
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      Re: 345DL Flaring Tool: brake line is slipping

      Hi, BHD.

      That's actually what the email response from Ridgid mentioned also: maybe metric tubing. I never thought of that, even though the line is marked as 3/16" line at the store.

      I just got a suggestion from someone else to try wrapping emery paper around the tubing before clamping... that may help as well.

      We'll see what happens!