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Clogged water filter

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  • Clogged water filter

    I installed a Scotsman ice machine at work around 3 months ago. There's a water filter, GE household size, that's inline to the ice machine. Around 1 month ago a line tap was done nearby on base and 3 days later the filter clogged. I didn't put 2 and 2 together at the time and just replaced the filter. 2 weeks later, filters clogged. Put a new on in today but flushed the line for around 30 minutes first. How long can I expect this filter to last? How long does the dirt and such stay in the line before it's finally worked out? Should I report this problem to PW as a water quality problem?

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    Re: Clogged water filter

    Most commercial ice machines that I've installed use a HUGE amount of water. Not sure if that GE one is going to hold up very long. Just make sure it's easy to get to because someone going to be changing it quite often. 30 minute flush should be fine unless there was a massive contamination of debris.