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  • This might be a silly question

    I clean drains day in and day out, from condensates to resi mains to grease lines at rest. and so on, been doing it for quite a while now and I've always wondered if there was anything I could do to make my gloves last longer. I typically use double palm leather gloves but right now I'm using the gauntlet style leather gloves with metal staples thru out. I only have one pair left and I'm trying to get rid of them being they aren't as comfortable as the double palm style. I will say this staple style has lasted 3 times as long though. I've thought of using mink oil before and some guys have told me baseball glove oil works good and some guys have told me not to waste my time givin what the gloves handle day in and day out. I do have a couple pair of the ugly gloves I need to start using, anybody know how good those are as far as grip is concerned and how long they usually last. Another question, does flipping the cable around in the drum or basket every couple of weeks lengthen the life of the cable or wear it out faster? I typically go thru two main line cables a year and probably three 3/8 cables a year and that is not flipping them. I also tend to go a while before I pick up more snake oil, what else would work in the mean time? I had one guy tell me diesel fuel and another guy tell me non-detergent oil is the same as snake oil. Any suggestions on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: This might be a silly question

    Look at thread gloves for cable machine on the fifth page. This should answer your question.


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      Re: This might be a silly question

      Thanks crappy days that was really helpful information got any info on flipping the cable or snake oil?


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        Re: This might be a silly question

        I have used ugly gloves, I found that they are three to five times more expensive then regular home depot gloves, and they don't seem to last any longer, the cost of home depot gloves $2.00, just build it into your operating cost. I did notice that the gloves that are covered in snake oil tend to last a bit longer.



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          Re: This might be a silly question

          I use the cheap home depot gloves that are only like 3.00.. I buy em by the box and wash em after they get dirty then lay em flat to dry.

          I wouldnt turn any cable around in the drum as the kinks are always in the first 35` or so. I wouldnt want to fight a kink at 90`

          The only oil I use is WD-40 and I only use it on my K-7500. I found the trick to making cables last is to keep em cleam and wash out the drum at least once a week if not more.


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            Re: This might be a silly question

            Best gloves I've ever used...deerskin.
            I dunno if it's the maker, the material, or the chemical reaction to flux, but I was doing a large residential project with alotta repiping in copper.
            I was eating canvas and leather for breakfast..the deerskin lasted 3 weeks...ran me about $8.00 but the leather were lasting 2-3 days tops.


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              Re: This might be a silly question

              i also use my own brand of ugly gloves. sorry but you can't buy them

              i also use nitril or latex liners. i tend to wear out just my right glove as this is my snaking arm

              since i have auto feeds on my drum machines, the cable only gets a good handling on my way back in as i assist it. on my sectional machines i handle the cable much more.

              as far as flipping your cable, it won't work except on a gorlitz machine. the ends are male and female on everything else.

              use good snake oil and keep the cables clean and dry.

              i always remove my hand gun cables.

              don't know how much you do, but i get almost 2 years out of a 3/4'' cable.

              my 1/2'' x 100' and 3/8'', 75' cables and machines are still original but then again i stared to use sectional and my other smaller machines just sit

              i can tell you this, if you keep the cable clean and oiled, it will last alot longer than what you get now.

              phoebe it is