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New York Steam Pipe

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  • New York Steam Pipe

    I just saw on the News a story of a burst steam pipe under a road in New York.

    Am i right in thinking that there is reticulated steam system feeding many buildings?

    Where is the source?

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    Re: New York Steam Pipe

    saw it on the news too. it apparently serves high pressure steam to 100's of buildings according to the news.

    i know that many years back we had an issue out here in century city, calif. when the underground cooling lines feeding dozens of high rise office building broke and the buildings had no cooling during the summer for days. they were feed from a central cooling plant.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: New York Steam Pipe

      The steam system has been in place for over 100 years (not the same piping I'd guess) and is close to if not the largest steam system in the World. It is owned by the electrical compay which uses the system as a co-generation system. There are several plants in and around Manhattan.

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        Re: New York Steam Pipe

        A lot of the system is that old. They also have a High and low pressure service they can supply you with. The system is own and operated by Con Edison. Search it under Coned.